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Sunday afternoon 15 April @Inkwell 1.30pm start £9/7 students £5

Alain Brenzikofer tenor saxophone, Florian Weiss trombone, Will Powell guitars, Matt Jenkins piano & Rhodes, Alexander Rawlinson bass, Mike Roy drums

Swiss saxman Alain Brenzikofer formed Tonejuice as an international band project consisting of six musicians from Switzerland and England including our own Will Powell on guitar. Tonejuice plays groove-centered music in a warm and dark mood, with deep ballads, bouncing rhythms, odd meters and modal harmony offer a tasty juice for brain, body and soul. 

The new album “Rouge Fonce” was given a 4**** star review in this months’s Jazz Journal. “This Anglo- Swiss sextet play smouldering groove-based music with beguiling modal harmonies that suggest a soundtrack to a late night drive around a modern European city. I like it more each time I play it, as the snaky melodic hooks of the original compositions insinuate themselves. Up front Brenzikofer’s sound has a mellow bur mellifluous tone….” Garry Booth

This roadtrip will start off in Switzerland and end in England. On the road, finest Tonejuice shall be served every night – a European project full of relish!

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