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Sunday afternoon 11 March @Seven Arts 1.30pm start £10/8 (NUS £5)

A duo featuring German jazz singer, Miriam Ast and Spanish pianist Victor Gutierrez.

Celebrating their prize-winning success at Bucharest Jazz Competition, the duo of Miriam Ast and Victor Gutierrez will perform an intimate set in Seven Arts 

Both graduates of the prestigious course at the Royal Academy of Music, their imagination and interaction are a pleasure to enjoy. 

Winners of the Best Vocalist Award at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2017, the German Jazz singer Miriam Ast and Spanish pianist (and recent Leeds resident) Victor Gutierrez met during their studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2015. Right from the beginning they shared a musical chemistry, so they decided to build a common project. Secret songs is a set of tunes that reflects their musical vision: Interactive playing, lush harmonies, dazzling lines, rhythmic explorations and relentless creative openness. Brand new compositions and jazz standards get refreshed and revitalized through their arrangements, giving the whole set a strong and unified concept. Spontaneity and interaction are an essential trademark of this duo. From raging swing, to open and free playing; from up tempos to very quiet and lyrical moments, their music will take you to all those secret places. 

**hear them sing/play “Don’t get too cocky”! 

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