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The Otley Jazz Run -BASSA BASSA 

Leeds big band Bassa Bassa, described as “merchants of musical mayhem”, have been around since 1987. In that time over 80 musicians have passed through the ranks of the band’s brass and sax frontline with full rhythm section. Founded by Sam Paechter and Rachel Richman in 1987, the band caught the rising wave of World Music, but have never been easy to pigeonhole. Strong jazz foundations blend with blasts of ska, latin, african, and funk – always with a colourful and energetic stage presence of musicians who are obviously enjoying themselves.

Come and join Bassa Bassa at the Café Lento in Headingley at 10.30am.

From there they will visit the Jazz Clubs in Headingley and Hyde Park including Heart, Head of Steam, Hyde Park Book Club and LS6 bar before heading off into town at Lands Lane where there are 5 new bands to entertain you

Busk Stops

Day two of the “Busk Stops” to entertain you! 4 more new bands who are well-known for shaping the jazz scene in Leeds. Each act’s music is infused with their own unique twist on jazz driven by their individual style, from experimental improvisation, Afropolitan, loop-based compositions, to funk/soul.

Jacob Rider – improv sax and guitar duo 1-2pm

Pariss Elektra – jazz/soul solo – 2-3pm

Raquel Alvaro – loop/improve vocals guitar/bass/ minimal-drumkit trio – 3-4pm

Bekah Clarke – jazz/pop – duo – 4-5

Venue : Outside Boots on Lands Lane