Richard Ormrod – Rush Hour Jazz Wednesday 2nd February 6pm PAYF

Richard Ormrod

Richard Ormrod is a local jazz artist and multi-instrumentalist. Allegedly a saxophonist, he has since diversified onto a huge range of instruments including most of the saxophone, clarinet and flute families, piano and accordion, guitars, banjo, ukulele, bouzouki and bass guitar, trombone, dulcimer, vibraphone, steel pan, drums, congas and percussion.

Richard has played for twenty years with the steel pan player, arranger and educator Dudley Nesbitt in the Calypso-Jazz band PANJUMBY, and also with guitarist JONNY FLOCKTON, with whom he played in HOME OF THE BRAVE and now in the REDIFFUSION ALL-STARS and CAPRA.

Richard was a founder member of LIMA (LEEDS IMPROVISED MUSIC ASSOCIATION), and played for many years in different combinations with drummer and improviser PAUL HESSION and bassist RUS PEARSON. RASHOMON featured some of the finest Leeds-based improvisers of that generation.

He founded a (really quite good) Reggae band with drummer and producer SAM HOBBS, called DREAD SUPREME. Their first recording explored the cosmic music of John Coltrane, the second covered the songs of Jackson C. Frank and Bill Wilson.

He works regularly with the York ARTS BARGE collective and fronts and composes for the York-based big band BLIND TIGER DANCE ORCHESTRA.


All our Rush Hour Jazz gigs take place in the Seven Arts bar area, so why not grab a drink and settle down to Ormrod’s storming playing? Joined by the Jazz Leeds trio (Will Powell guitar, Steve Crocker bass and Dom Moore drums) backing him up on some standard repertoire.

There’s no need to book, just rock up in the bar and take a seat.

The gig is pay as you feel (payf), and all the money donated goes to the performers of that evening. 6pm-7:15pm