Imaji – at Seven Arts Courtyard, Sunday 22 August 1.30pm

Imaji 2[11587]

John Meikle is the drummer with the band Suppertime, who so impressed us with their support set for the Emilia Martensson concert last year.

John has formed a great trio with Tom Richardson and James Hobbis who play alto sax and tuba respectively. He is really passionate about bringing Tubas back into jazz here in Leeds. 

Imaji Trio are a dynamic Jazz trio drawing on the UK Jazz sound to write their own tunes and cut the Standards a new angle. James Hobbis, from Birmingham, plays Tuba as the bass instrument in the trio, giving them a distinct sound and a heavy lower end. The Imaji Trio really values creativity, expression and improvisation. They take pride in composing on the fly and sometimes writing whole tunes on the spot. Tom Richards plays Alto for the trio. He brings a delicate elegance inspired by Paul Desmond, and he brings the burning solos akin to the likes of Cannonball Adderley, two of his all-time favourite Saxophonists. Jo Meikle heads the project from behind the drum kit with an ear always open listening for new ways to make the drums sing. The Imaji Trio has a fantastic set of new music to bring to the scene after a long period of quietness. 

Imaji are at Seven Arts courtyard Sunday 22 July 1.30p-3.30pm (inside if wet). payf – all proceeds to musicians